Quality Ingersoll Rand Parts for Power Tools

Air tools made by Ingersoll Rand are the choice of a lot of professionals because they are known for their high quality. The tools can actually do what they promise because the company spent years of target market analysis and thus were able to develop a variety of power tools that accomplish the task dependably. However, the company also knows that because of wear and tear, there will come a time when they would need part replacements. This is the reason why Ingersoll Rand parts have been made readily available for air and power tool users all over the world.

How Ingersoll Rand Started

The history of the company began in New York when Ingersoll Rock Drill Company was established by Simon Ingersoll in 1871.  The Rand Drill Company combined with the Ingersoll-Sargeant Drill Company in 1905 to bring about Ingersoll-Rand. At that time, the company grew mainly through acquisition.

Shareholders of the company chose to transfer the incorporation of the company to Bermuda in October of 2002, thus capitalizing on the funds made on American corporate income taxes made on products that are sold abroad. Then, Drilling Solutions was sold to Atlas Copco, a Swedish enterprise, in July of 2004. The road construction equipment portion of the company was bought by Volvo for 1.3 billion dollars. The sale included manufacturing plants located in Germany, India, China and Pennsylvania.

Ingersoll Rand Parts for Various Tools

Any tool maker can provide accessories that users will need to be productive. Ingersoll Rand parts though are different. The company believes that productivity goes even beyond their products, and the approach is reflected in the quality of all Ingersoll Rand Parts that are in the market.

  • Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench Parts – If you are using an Ingersoll Rand impact wrench and it is in need of a new switch, anvil or brushes, it should not be much of a concern to you. Ingersoll Rand parts for the tool are available online. Most of the commonly needed impact wrench replacement parts are in huge stock. For less sought after parts, various websites can get them for you if the manufacturer is still producing them. Thus, if your impact wrench gears are worn, the variable speed trigger is not working or you have a bad armature, all you need to do is go online.
  • Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Parts – The most common problem in replacing compressor parts is not being able to know the name of the part needed for a particular brand or design. However, IR created compressor parts that could be used in other machines. Most of the Ingersoll Rand parts that are frequently needed for their air compressor such as the level and hose are easily available so you can return back to work quickly, should your air compressor break down.
  • Ingersoll Rand Air Tool Parts – Although these parts are known for being durable, they will inevitably need to be replaced after continuous use. As with all other parts needed for other IR power tools, you can easily find Ingersoll Rand parts for your air tool on the internet. The company also has a website to help you search parts for their various products.

Many Ingersoll Rand parts are also available for other power tools such as diaphragm pumps. Consult with online catalogues and brochures for listings of available parts from the company.