How to Use the Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is a power tool used to drive screws for either tightening or loosening bolts or nuts and is available in different sizes. An Ingersoll rand impact wrench is often used on metal surfaces. They operate by use of compressed air, electricity or batteries. Recently, there have been improvements in power source to incorporate cordless electric devices and corded electric devices like Ingersoll rand electric impact wrench. Impact wrenches are available in various sizes from the small quarter inch drive for small assembly and disassembly, Ingersoll rand 1 inch impact wrench upto three and a half inch impact wrench.

Unique Feature of Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench

An Ingersoll rand impact wrench operates by creating high torque impact, which is caused by a rotating mass being accelerated by a motor. After delivering impact, its hammer is not locked but spins freely. This way, a user of an impact wrench gun does not feel any torque. This is another feature that makes this wrench unique from other wrenches.

How To Use an Impact Wrench

Using an impact wrench makes work easier and faster. This allows for more work to be done. At a day’s end one is not too tired unlike where they would have to use manual means to open or close bolts and nuts.

Below are steps on how to use an impact wrench.

  • Plug in your air compressor to a power outlet and then adjust regulator of air compressor to either 90 or 100 per square inch. At this range impact wrenches operate efficiently.
  • Secondly, connect the air hose of the wrench to compressor outlet. Ensure there are no twists and bends on hose as such will restrict seamless airflow.
  • Ensure to lubricate the bearings located at the rotating turbine, which turns the socket end of your wrench. You can do this by placing four to five drops of your Ingersoll rand impact wrench oil into the air inlet. You can find the oil in your Ingersoll rand parts tool box. Oiling should be carried out every time the Ingersoll wrench is used.
  • Plug air hose into air inlet of impact wrench then pull trigger on wrench so as to test direction before use. For directional settings a small button for use is allocated right above the trigger.

  • Test torque or speed screw adjustment so as to set it right before using your Ingersoll rand impact wrench.

You should be warned not to put your fingers on moving parts especially when in operation as you may lose your limbs. Great care should be observed to ensure safety. Differences between impacts wrenches are dictated by operation modes whether manual, compressed air operation or electric. Each functions differently but serves the same purpose. When looking to buy Ingersoll rand impact wrench ensure you read through all instruction manuals provided for proper use and understanding all Ingersoll rand impact wrench parts and how they operate.